Pinterest Marketing Tips To Drive 10 Million Organic Traffic [2020]


What is Pinterest Marketing And How to Make Money Using Pinterest Business Account?

Is it really worth to work on Pinterest Platform to generate passive income more than $5k a month?
Yes, you heard it right, you can make $5k /month if you do it correctly with your dedicated clients or from affiliate marketing or placing advertisements on your website with ad revenue if you have monthly traffic more than 10 million from United States and Pinterest sends free traffic to your site if you do it right way and you can monetize your site to earn more monthly income.


But most important question is: How much it takes to achieve 10 millions monthly visitors?

The minimum amount of time duration is 6 months, and if the Pinterest business account is optimized properly, you can achieve your goal and start monthly income from Pinterest. By monetizing your site with following:

  •  Placing advertisements using Google Adsense or Mediavine
  •  Managing your clients business and generating sales using Pinterest organic traffic.
  • Using affiliate marketing

But, before we discuss more about Pinterest earnings, we must know how to optimize it to get more traffic to your site.

When Pinterest first introduced, it was primarily famous as a website for searching for home decoration, recipes and ideas, but now there’ s a lot more besides that.

As a matter of fact, Pinterest became famous for being a visual search engine full of pictures, artwork, links and ideas for nearly everything you probably would love to find.

Meaning it’s a gold-plated social media website for doing business that includes the eye-catching visual experience of their business, be it photos or creative graphics. It’ s actually 55% of visitors come from this platform to search for the pictures of new products, and it’ s an incredibly powerhouse for driving website traffic both organic and paid traffic.

Pinterest pins can be spread 100 times faster than a tweet, while the retweet average only reaches 1.4%. Plus, as on Facebook, the 50% life of a rich pins are 1.6000 times greater compared to Facebook posts, see the report

Since Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram, Pinterest is now emerging as a business marketing hot ticket with more than 300 million users.

With a 27% increase in Pinterest accounts from Fortune 500 companies (including Exxon Mobil, WalMart and Apple) is an obvious indication that your company must be among the 300 million users in Pinterest.

Apart from filling passions with exotic destiny holidays and food, Pinterest’s true strength is the mind blowing capabilities of its business accounts. Sign up with the 500,000 companies that have Pinterest Business Accounts and you will receive extra Pinterest marketing tools to advertise your brand within rapidly growing and incredibly famous social media sites.


Pinterest Business Account Has Additional Features As Compared To Personal Account

In case you still don’t hold an account, or if you have personal account, you are required to sign up Pinterest for Business account to benefit from the maximum Pinterest marketing potential of Pinterest. By signing up for your Business Account gives you the following:

Terms and Conditions are different

  • The acceptable use policy is somewhat different for one company, at least study them properly. Main difference is that you will be a commercial user of the account.
  • Pin Etiquette And The Accepted Policy Of Use remain the same, except for some commercial usage guidelines:
  • Never promote spam, “like asking subscribers to make repetitive comments”.
  • Never conduct a ” lottery wherein every pin, repin or similar is an entry. or request the participants to vote using a repin or similar.”
  • Never run any contests, lottery or promotional contests “too often”.
  • Never “propose that Pinterest should sponsor or promote your company”.

Teaching and Informative Pinterest marketing Material

Pinterest not only gives you the platform, but also produces teaching Pinterest marketing material to help you learn how to increase the efficiency of promoting your business.

All you need know:

  • Pinstitutes – engaging interactive workshops to get in touch with Pinners and generate a higher return on Pinterest.
  • Online seminars and tools to small businesses
    At the moment, you are welcome to browse the Pinterest Blog to stay up to date with the release of these materials and get some basic tips.

Pinterest Analytical Tool

Pinterest Analytics offers some of the most up-to-date and powerful functionality of a Business Account of Pinterest. By verifying account, you can have access to key performance tracking information. It allows you to understand the Pinterest marketing strategies and content that works and enables you to continually optimize your Pinterest marketing and ranking.

Rich Pins

We have 4 different kinds of Pinterest rich pins best for Pinterest marketing, which have more information attached to them compared to your average pins in terms of high selling power. It has features such as live stock updates, instant or live price changes and mostly importantly it links directly to the website and more interactive map locations.

Learn more about Pinterest rich pins

The New Tools’ Commitment To You

Pinterest have promised several new tools solely for business customers for the future. As of now these will include Promoted Pins, the “Pin It Button” and the “Widget Builder“. When new tools are updated, you can stay up to date via the Pinterest newsletter.

Different Adjustments

Feel free to enter business name rather than the traditional first name and surname rule. Which also indicates that Pinterest has no automatic direct link to Facebook, therefore you need to include a Facebook tab within the Pinterest home page.

Profile Branding

The very first step to being present on any social network is branding your profile. First of all, you need to set up a Pinterest business profile or account so you can have full access to Pinterest analytics, rich icons and many other things.

Next, you should add business related information so for your Pinterest account so that others can clearly identify it as owned by your company. Different social media platforms have their own customization features so you may add your custom style to the platform.

pinterest marketing jasmin
pinterest marketing jasmin

How to customize your Pinterest account to your own?

Your Brand Name+ Most Related Keyword = Title 
Your Bio + Most Related Keyword = Descriptions

Select A Cover Artwork

With Pinterest, a user is able to select a bulletin board that displays icons at the top of the profile using that board. Although individual icons cannot be clicked, in the corner of the cover design you will find a link to this board.

This is perfect for you to add a board that contains blog post content, graphics, snapshots of products, and other product designs for your company. All you need to ensure that they are identical to your brand to get a corporate appearance for your profile.

Have a look at the following example. Melissa’s cover pins have the same color and fonts to make her profile look more complete.

There must be one Pinterest board that exclusively describes content on your website or business.

Pick up to 5 showcases

Showcasing your boards will be the next thing you can configure and customize. The boards are displayed right beneath your biography and name.
You may choose up to 5 boards that are displayed on top of your profile, where they will slide back and forth between them. It is excellent spot to display your products, services or blogs.

Uploading an Pinterest profile picture

Afterwards, you need to have a profile picture showing your business at its best. Most likely it’s just a simple logo of yours, inserted in a square image of 180 x 180 pixels.

Alternatively, it could be a professional picture of the person who represents the business.

Create a personal biography

You need your social media biographies nearly identical on all platforms. The majority of them have a comparable number of characters limit (Pinterest’s 160), making it simple to create one biography and using it on all platforms.

There are numerous different ways to write a biography on social networks. Pinterest’s best practices for biography follow the same as those used on other social media networks, allowing you to get ideas from your biography on Instagram or Twitter. Hashtags are not so important to your Pinterest biography, but you need  to ensure you are clear and concise about your brand’s mission and offers.

Brand The Covers Of Your Message Boards

You can pick special coverings to match your boards, meaning you can customize them to suit your brand as well as the remaining Pinterest profile.

There are various ways to accomplish this. First of all, you may need to make and upload individual covers for every Pinterest board and connect those to your website with a link.

Alternatively, you can simply pick a pin matching the colors of your own trademark or brand to show the color theme within your profile.

Verifying Your Own Website For Pinterest

Finally, you should also want to check out your website, but equally important. This allows you to have access to the analytics available for your site within Pinterest and provides a rich pins feature that gives you extra information on your link, be it an article, recipe, product, or more.

To verify your site, Pinterest provides you with some code you should put on the website. There are plugins of WordPress available to do that, or maybe you can email your developer to manage it.

If done correctly, your pins can earn the kind of exposure to your business as demonstrated above.

As described by the Social Media Experts, Pinterest acts as a visual or graphical search engine. Like when you create your blog posts or articles and put it to your business account for Instagram, all you want is to make it searchable.

Unless it is visible or searchable, it will neither be found nor seen.

That’ s why, before you take the mouse to pin it, you need to learn the Pinterest culture, that is, understand what your fans are looking for, and understand how to build popular pins.

Understanding which Pinterest categories are most widely used or famous provides you with a clearer understanding of what boards are going to perform for your target business.

The Pinterest study from the University of Minnesota reveals the top categories by sex or gender, because, yes, with 70% of users being female, men are beginning to show their interest for using Pinterest. Last year, male users have doubled in number, which makes them the most rapidly increasing target group for Pinterest.

In case your business is not related to DIY crafts, there is no point of creating board related a shooting glue art. Select the best and most relevant ones!


Pictures/Graphics That Really Work

A quick glance through Pinterest, and it is obvious what the visual appearance of a page is. By emphasizing visual impact in this way, the pictures you create are the keystone of pins you are sharing.

Just think why are Pinterest’s top pins 2020  so famous?

Perfect Pin Size Image Dimensions For 2020 Year

Big change in 2020 – Pinterest recommends larger, better quality images.Now they say 1000 pixels as the image width instead of 600 pixels as the image width.

By 2018, Pinterest has decided that pins that are 2.1 times taller than their width will be cropped or trimmed in feeds. But taller or good height pins will be fully visible after clicking (till March 2018).Good height infographics is still recommendation!, they really works.

But now Pinterest offers only a 2:3 ratio, e.g. 1000 x 1500. Most bloggers claim that good height Pins are best for them. So you should try different shapes and dimensions.You may want to use your required width, but maintain your Pin sizes in these dimensions:

1:1 (square)
1:1.5 or little higher (optimal sizes).
1:2.1 or high moderately
Tall as you should do, but it will be shortened to feeds.

  • Pinterest suggested that the squares images are okay. Square pins hardly perform compared to taller pins. With your squares images in Instagram, you should try and test with your visitors at Pinterest.
  • Remember that the Pinterest will not appear anymore with a width of 736 pixels upon clicking (changed by Fall 2017). But, they will never appear wider than 564 pixels.
  • Some readers made pin images up to 564 pixels wide and reported that they got the better picture quality after downloading. Pinterest also says to go at least 600px wide.
  • With the HD displays these days, and optimized to load faster on website, bigger images work better.
  • As Pinterest cover boards are always squared, the recommended size must be 600 x 600 and for showcases, ensure to keep them minimum 340 x 340.

Ideal Pin Image Sizes

  • Profile Photo 1:1 (180×180)
  • Square Pins 1:1 (1000×1000)
  • Optimal Pin 2:3 (1000×1500)
  • Tall Pin 1:2:1 (1000×2100)
  • Board Cover 1:1 (600×600)
  • Minimum Pin width (600px)
  • Taller Pins Cropped In feeds


In some cases the advantage of a longer length pin is a good idea. Instructography is alternative name for infographics and was created by Pinterest. Because of their do-it-yourself and instruction guides, which is known to be the 2nd best-loved category!

Check these best Instructography

How To Optimize Your Pins So Visitors See And Share

Creating a fantastic pin is one thing, but seeing and sharing it is a whole different game. Your pin won’t be found by anyone unless you customize it for engagement.

Perfect Time To Pin

Since right time to pin up depend on the habits of your target group, always test and try for your particular ideal posting hours. The best times for posting are usually 2PM – 4PM EST and 8PM – 1AM EST research by  SocialFresh; and, research from HubSpot suggests that Saturday morning seems to be the right time to post.


Make It Simple And Easy To Place The Content Using Pin “Save” Button

Use hovering a “pin It button’ directly to every image on one of your pages or your phone application via Pinterest. Alternatively, for WordPress users, you can use the “Pinterest Pin It Hover Button” plugin.

These easy-to-integrate buttons guide users to check your Pinterest account and encourage them to actually pin the contents of your website directly into their own accounts. Without these buttons, the probability to generate any amount of interactions using your Pinterest account is low.

Make Use Of Your Existing Social Media Sites

Avoid having to begin with follower every time you sign up for a new Social Media account. Connecting Facebook or Twitter directly to your business account of Pinterest is super easy.

Using this will enable you to attract additional followers by leveraging the followers within business account of Pinterest that are already on other platforms. In addition, it will also allow you to share your content between platforms in order to be seen by more people. Finally, it also includes Facebook and Twitter buttons within your account.

This is how you combine Pinterest with your other social accounts:

  • Navigate to account settings
  • Jump to the section Social Networks
  • Link Twitter or Facebook or both accounts

Important! You can only connect a personal account for Facebook, not a page. When your company only has one Facebook page, then you will not be able to link it here. You can only use Twitter.

Using Best Pins Within Your Newsletter

One of the best way to promote pins is by emailing the pins directly to your subscribers. With your newsletter, you can send out updates of all the updated latest pins and redirect subscribers back to Pinterest account. You should simply check it out:

“This week’s most popular Pins. Feel free to visit our Pinterest for more!”

Pinterest SEO


You need to use a few SEO strategy in order to have your pins spotted by the audience’s eyes. Of course, don’t worry, you do not need much to tweak your pins in terms of Pinterest search. All you need to do is: follow these golden steps:

Step 1: Keyword search. Use a tool such as Keyword Planner Of Google and you will be able to identify keywords with good search volume matching your company and pins.

Step 2: Put keyword/keywords into your pin titles

Step 3: Put the keyword/keywords into your pin descriptions

Step 4: Put the keyword/keywords into your pin descriptions

Like any other SEO rules you follow, be careful not to make too “keyword stuffy”. Try not to become overwhelmed and include 3 keywords in your title and descriptions, as a robot does. Improve and always remain human-sounding if you simply include a powerful keyword in the correct context.

Do’s and Don’t of SEO of Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a search engine of visuals or graphics, and it comes with its very own algorithm and criteria for SEO. To improve your ranking, it is important that you pay attention to Pinterest SEO rules and apply them to your own profile to get higher rankings.

So there are basically 3 different areas to focus on when using keywords within the Pinterest marketing strategies.

Your Profile

Look at Chloe West Pinterest Account Profile.

You may find the keywords both in name and in biography, so this show up within the search results, no matter if people only search “social media” or “digital marketing“.

Your Pinterest name length must be 65 characters and your biography length must be 160 characters, and I strongly advise you use most popular keywords from your business.

Your Pins

Check that you include the appropriate keywords for your pin in both the title and the description.

Like with any kind of SEO, you don’t want to simply “pick up keywords” or stuff the description with a lot of keywords which are not naturally found within a sentence or paragraph.

Rather, make sure that your titles of pin focuses on the primary keyword  and some other secondary keywords in the description of the pin code to help users and the Pinterest algorithm instantly understand the purpose.

Doing so will help you to display your pins in search results and in the relevant pins.

Your boards

Lastly, you must to be certain that your bulletin board must have main keywords in the title, not cute, funny names. Even if you like the idea of having fun with the names of your bulletin boards, SEO is very important here.

Stick to simple “Pinterest Marketing Strategies” instead of  just think of “Pin, Pin, Pin!” in your next bulletin board name.

You would also like to add board descriptions saying what users can find on the board and also add your primary and secondary keywords.

Implementing “Call-To-Pin”

Just as you use a call-to-action in your Google or Facebook ad text, a call-to pin will dramatically boost the exposure of your pins organically. As a matter of fact, you get 80% extra engagement when using a CTP. When describing your pin, include something like:

Repin to your very own personal board of inspiration.”

Getting Involved To Establish Relationships And Attract New Followers

Well, now you are aware that which types of pins are most famous and how you can see your pins, and then in Pinterest Marketing involves utilizing your best pins to establish relationships among followers and fans that will increase your reach.

Simple rules: the more we reach the more we succeed.

If you know what users look for when they follow other accounts, you can provide them with what they want and in return increase your fan base. A simple reading of the mind will never do any harm to anyone.

The Pinterest study from the University of Minnesota showed three key points which Pinterest users think about when making “should or shouldn’t I follow” choices:

  • The number of accounts you track/follow…
  • The number of pins you have
  • The number of boards you have

To master these factors and establish relationships to broaden your reach, you must do the following:

Post Regularly

To increase the number of Pinterest followers, it is recommended a daily posting of between 5-30 new pins. Remember, do not waste your time while re-posting someone else’s content, but you must also upload some of your own related unique pins containing unique content.

Beware! To avoid a big Pinterest blunder: Avoid pinning all 30 new pins at once in 5 minutes. Share your pinning out during the day with time intervals.

Pro Advise! Create and Use the “Secret Board” to gather all your pins to avoid wasting time. Upload your first 25 to 30 pins or more each morning and save them on the secret board. Return to the board during your working hours and choose the related pins you wish to pin to “ live boards” of your related business.

Scheduling Of Fresh Pins

Finally, In Pinterest marketing strategy, we need to continually circulate new content via Pinterest. In so doing, you enhance the profile quality and improve the probability that your content will be shared in search results.

If you could certainly spend the whole day on Pinterest to share new content, no one has time for that.

There are Pinterest management tools for Pinterest Marketing, it is possible to plan and schedule your posts within the platform and set up one calendar for all your images visual content across all social networks. In fact, duplicate Instagram posts in Pinterest to increase the visibility of your content.

Communicate With Followers, Respond To Comments

Just as you reply to tweets, post on Facebook and comment on Instagram, you can communicate directly to your followers through answering questions and replying to their comments. You can make some extra efforts by addressing them directly with their names in order to really improve the customer service experiences.

Make A Good Comment On The Pins Of Your Followers

Take this engagement next level. You must also reach the boards of your followers. Write comments in their pins so it makes them feel some love. Their followers may also notice your trademark or brand!

A successful Pinterest marketing strategy works best in action when following and interacting within the popular boards. There is much to understand and learn from the big famous boards. Check out the types of pins they are placing, the boards they have and the commitment they show. Your target should be to achieve this level!

By commenting on all those popular pins, your trademark or brand would be noticed by the many people who are following these boards.

Advice! This is a smart idea to follow very popular boards since they are related to your business and industry just because of high popularity. In case your business is not related literally to wedding fashion, earn extra perks by following the related boards which have some closer following. After all, they are the people with whom you like to connect.

Participate In Community Boards

Another great strategy for Pinterest Marketing to help you bring your content to market is to connect and build communities and/or boards of groups. It enables users to encourage others to participate or share to the boards and is the great way to bring your target content to a completely new users

Look for famous Pinners within your niche and find out if they own boards that match your industry.

Most people have rules or links for joining this board, so you should have a look around for something you may find. In general, you simply need to email the board owner or complete a form and provide them with a report to add you to their account.

After joining, you may choose to be an active participant in the board, adding some relevant contents to the board, as well as overseeing other content to promote your own business.

Do not Hesitate to Invite Users to Pin To Your Boards And Add Them

Finally, there is another cool board for marketing, “the Open Board”, which enables people to contribute their own pins. Simply provide them with access to pinning by adding their name or email. Of course you as the creator of the board have complete control and contributors are not allowed to modify the name or description of the board.

These features can be great for Pinterest marketing purposes, as you will involve your community from a personal point of view.

You can invite your supporters or followers and earn great authoritative brownies by getting industry experts and executives to participate in your boards!

Let’s Consider Some Case Studies: Oh Joy! — Recipes

With over 15 million followers and 6.5 million monthly views, Joy Cho, also know as. O Joy!, is a very popular personality on Pinterest. She handles the top board of the Pinterest website, “Recipes“, which counts almost 4.5 million followers and approximately 600 pins. Having a brief look at some exciting things she has been sharing on the board helps you to easily determine what makes her so popular.

Create A Strong Influence Relationship

To reach a broader audience and reach more followers by contacting the influential people within your industry.

You can start by following their suggestions, checking their icons and commenting on their icons with useful remarks. Once you put your name down like this, you can begin a broader collaboration.

You can ask them whether they wish to post to your board, or ask them to post contributions to any of their own boards. Provide ideas for suggestions and indicate that you are aware of their content when initiating a collaboration, and you will come closer to the “yes” you are searching for.

We Have 2nd Case Studies: Maryann Rizzo – Everything

The interior decor designer, Maryann Rizzo is among the 2nd most famous among the Pinterest Influencers, with over 10 million followers. Her board of directors of Pinterest “Everything“, has more than 4.5 million followers and is the reserve for the pins which she has still to categorize.

Searching And Inviting Your Friends Through Other Social Media Networks Sites

You are aware that when setting up a brand new Pinterest account using Instagram or any social media accounts, they prompt you to “Find friends” with your contacts on your phone or with your Facebook friends.

So without any wasting time and build a strong base of followers, Pinterest has an option to “Find friends”, too! Stop wasting all your Twitter and Facebook friends that you have made. You can follow them and they can find you!

You can find the ‘Find friends‘ button on the top left corner of the Pinterest homepage.

To Successfully Expand Your Business: Top Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Design A Content Strategy For Yourself.

You need to find out which types of content you share on Pinterest. There are lots of contents that work well across the platform, including blog posts, product icons, or infographics and many more .

We will focus on a handful of the most common kinds of icons.

If you are into a retail business  or an online website to sell products, you absolutely must have stunning product pictures and make those into pins. People are eager to explore the platform to search for new products, be it home decoration, garments, family presents and much more.

Pinterest is the main engine of shopping discovery: 72% of Pinners say they get inspiration for shopping even when they’re not looking for anything in the first place. Stunning photos of the products draw the audience’s attention and serve as a sort of improvised inspiration to the retailers.

Another great type of pinner is the graphics posted on your blog which promote the posts or articles you write on the website. You should be certain that it is a well-designed vertical images which can be highlighted in someone’s feeds like the above promotion pin of our blog post within an Instagram account to be followed.

They must have attractive pictures or graphic design followed by bolding your text that Pinners make easy to read by scrolling their feeds.

One more excellent way to help promote your business is by allowing you to sharing precious information through infographics. These are visualizations of data at home, graphic organizers and many more for visual communications and other content.

Since most infographic data typically has vertical and long data, this makes Pinterest the best platform to share it.

Designing beautiful vertical images to enhance lead magnets of your business is one of the most trusted Pinterest Marketing strategies for content on Pinterest. Determine whether your lead magnet design highlights and catches users attention to to save it or click to download the content you share.

Make Use Of Rich Pins

Rich Pins, and they deserve their name, trust me.

The brands using Rich Pins have observed an 82% spike in the Repin/pin rate. You will notice that larger business like Walmart, Target, Nike etc.and have been using Rich Pins… And you must, too!

There is no guarantee you are going to roll around in a heap of Benjamin with a couple of Rich Pins, but they are called “Rich Pins” for a reason. They are loaded with precious, traffic-creating pieces of information and at the moment are the finest direct strategy for boosting your sales within the Pinterest community.

The Rich Pins are available in 5 distinct tastes: movie, recipe, article, products and locations, all completely packed full of important features that will increase your participation and increase your website’s direct traffic to the site.

Read More About Rich Pin In Details

Benefits Of Rich Pins

At the time you submit your Rich Pins request, you get live automatic updates to Pins your shared and send people back to your target website as it will be linked back to Rich Pins. There are just clues.

This one example by Urban Outfitters ( 2nd in popularity retailer on Pinterest), illustrates features of a “product” badge in the workplace. You also have an link to the shop’s official website, along with real-time updated details on prices and stock availability.

Pins “Article” are also useful in the fact that they could advertise your post on a blog and refer Pinterest users back to your blog. Pins “Article” appear with a larger name featuring your brand logo, a descriptive, and a call to action below and pointing link it to your source website.

Learn How To Incorporate “rich pins”

If you need your Rich Pins to send traffic to site, it must be validated on your Pinterest site itself.

Here Is How We Do It:

  • Choose which Rich Pin ( whether recipes, movies, items, products or location, articles) you wish to submit your application for.
  • Review the documents provided for your kind of Rich Pin.
  • Put the relevant meta tags in your website.
  • Always test rich pins and submit a request for their approval.

When your Rich Pins have been validated by team of Pinterest, they are visible to the whole Pinterest world to view, follow and be redirected to your site!

Rich Pins will help promote the business, you should it a try, and test it.

Rich Pins remain pretty new, so particularly if you are small and growing your business, they will stand you out from your competitors. And all companies from Fortune 500 list like GM, Apple Nike, etc. are using Rich Pins. Following the big brands, and you unlock great opportunities for significant growth.

Blend Your Content Add Some Different Flavors

A rule for all social networks is to combine and mix your content. If your content remains static and lacks variety, you may risk losing the attention of valuable followers and even probability of getting new ones.

Therefore, no matter what you do, do not only publish product images. Remember the research by ” the University of Minnesota”? Well, the diversity of pins was the eighth most significant factor when members decided if they wanted to follow the account. So, you should put it on some of the other boards that add value to your followers to prevent them from coming out as over-selling.

We Have 3rd Case Studies: Bekka Palmer — Things to Make

Bekka Palmer has been a professional photographer from Brooklyn and one of Pinterest’s biggest influencers with over 9.5 million followers. With Pinterest’s reputation as a do-it-yourself paradise, one of his best Pinterest boards named “Things to Make,” which has nearly 6.5 million followers  with 854 more lists that anyone can look at for inspiration.

Add A Direct URL To Your Site

All your pins won’t be meaningful, like rich pins, photos of products, articles etc. Everything is in context.

When you attach pictures to your “Inspiration of the brand” board, you will not require Rich Pins. Relevant quotations relating to your industry would definitely not need to use Rich Pins.

However there is some information that is available in Rich Pins which you need your other “simple” icons too: a clickable link back to one of your websites.

In fact, you will need a link to your website, whether your pins are inspirational or not, because even if one of your inspirational pins published last Monday made a difference in the lives of a follower of yours, they are likely to check your website’s brand. When you have a link to get them on your site, they should never go other sites looking for information, and chances are increased that they are going to find your site.

Simply insert website URL in your pin description and you are ready to go.

Add Your Most Famous Boards On Top

With time you can observe what kind of boards are better popular and become more engaged. Take one step ahead and push these relevant boards on top of the page so whenever users visit your page they will find the best material by  you.

Maintain It Both Seasonal And Keep It Up To Date

One more way to keep your content up-to-date is to have a break from holidays, seasons and events. As in the “Nike Style Guide for Women in Autumn ’14”, the most related boards are most noticeable because they add a feeling of urgency and importance to these products. Benefit from it!

Build A Dedicated Board For Your Blog Posts Only

Grab all the Rich Pins articles you own and arrange them into your own board! You may want to place this board on top of your page for followers to find out first thing about it. Doing so will draw traffic into your site and help users search for your content more easily because it is all on one easy to use board. They will appreciate it.

Only Way You Can Do Well With Pinterest: Monitor And Evaluate Your Pinterest Marketing Using Pinterest Analytics

Watch your progress and discover the tactics that are working with Pinterest Analytics.
Among the latest functionality in Pinterest for Business is the highly useful Pinterest Analytics. It is designed for business accounts only and lets you read and see:

  • What icons and boards in your profile people enjoy the most.
  • Which pins people like saving from your site
  • Who exactly are your audience, including gender, locations and other stuffs.
  • The kinds of devices people use when they pin your stuff on.
  • After adding a “Pin-it” button how your site will receive in Pinterest referral traffic

What makes these statistics so important?

Because they will increase your account and growth of your coverage.

This information from Pinterest Analytics will help you to understand what Pinterest marketing strategies are working and which are not. With this information, you can create your Pinterest future strategy on the basis of hard facts. The tactics and tricks that work are verified because you already tested them.

But, you must first check your website when you want to gain full access to the Pinterest Analytics.

And one more reason that verification of your account is such a nice thing to do. It allows you to gain authority and gain trust. When users of Pinterest view a small red tick near your website, all they know is that you are legitimate.

You can test your site by adding a meta tag to the settings area. This will provide you a verification badge and you become an official. When you do not want to verify it, you may still want to provide a website URL to your website in your page, but will not be allowed to access Pinterest Analytics.

Do not skip essential information given by Pinterest Analytics. Please review and check your Pinterest account!

Making a Pinterest strategy is the most required step that you can start working on this platform. You may want to pay attention for improving your quality of Pinterest strategy.

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